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'Abyssal' - Digital Album Download

'Abyssal' - Digital Album Download

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Digital version of Humanity's Last Breath's second album 'Abyssal' released August 2nd, 2019 via Unique Leader Records.
+ Instrumentals
+ lyrics

High-quality MP3 and WAV download.

You will get a download link sent on the day of the release. 

Humanity's Last Breath - Abyssal

I. Bursting Bowel Of Tellus
II. Bone Dust
III. Fradga
IV. Abyssal Mouth
V. Pulsating Black
VI. För Sorg
VII. Like Flies
VIII. Sterile
IX. Being
X. Vånda 
XI. Rampant
XII. Dödgud

Abyssal - Instrumental

I. Bursting Bowel Of Tellus - Instrumental
II. Bone Dust - Instrumental
III. Fradga - Instrumental
IV. Abyssal Mouth - Instrumental
V. Pulsating Black - Instrumental
VI. För Sorg - Instrumental
VII. Like Flies - Instrumental
VIII. Sterile - Instrumental
IX. Being - Instrumental
X. Vånda - Instrumental
XI. Rampant - Instrumental
XII. Dödgud - Instrumental

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios
Cover Artwork by Adrian Baxter / SAROS Collective 
Additional design & layout by C.S.R / SAROS Collective