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'Abyssal' - Producer Pack

'Abyssal' - Producer Pack

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This ZIP download contains the album stem files* for all 12 tracks of the Humanity's Last Breath album 'Abyssal' released August 2nd, 2019 via Unique Leader Records. 

Perfect for recording covers, playing along or to get a look behind the curtain of Humanity's Last Breath.

'Abyssal' is written, produced, mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm at Impact Studios

1. Bursting Bowel Of Tellus
2. Bone Dust
3. Fradga 
4. Abyssal Mouth
5. Pulsating Black
6. För Sorg
7. Like Flies
8. Sterile
9. Being
10. Vånda
11. Rampant
12. Dödgud

*All stem files come in the WAV format. The 5 separate Stem files are the mixed stereo tracks and NOT the raw multitrack sessions. The stems are separated into the following files for each individual track.